I’m neither a sysadmin nor a software engineer but parts of both.

I love talking about infrastructure, scalability, distributed systems, DevOps culture (<3), GNU/Linux, and Free/Libre Open-Source Software. These days I mainly end up hacking in Python, but I’ve also dabbled in Go, C, C++ and Java.

I currently work for Facebook as a Production Engineer on PE Virtualization Infra, and have previously worked for Ensighten, Google, PageFair, and Trinity College, Dublin.

I was an active member of Trinity College’s Internet Society, Netsoc while in college, where I was mainly a sysadmin.

My other interests include high-end and vintage mechanical computer keyboards, video games (though that’s a pretty generic interest in 201X), and cooking.

For more info, check out my work section, recent posts, or look through my GitHub.