I’ve migrated this blog from Wordpress to a statically-generated site made with Jekyll.

I was able to (sort of) automate this using benbalter’s Wordpress to Jekyll exporter. It managed to at least export the posts and top-level pages, which worked alright, but they required some post-processing to remove the HTML-escaped characters and changing HTML tags to native Markdown:

$ find -name *md | while read f; do sed -i "s|#8217;|'|g" $f; done
$ find -name *md | while read f; do sed -i "s|<pre>|```\r|g" $f; done
$ find -name *md | while read f; do sed -i "s|</pre>|\r```|g" $f; done
[... etc ...]

One post about embedding Jinja2 inside of a Jekyll blog (escaped for Wordpress!) was a casualty of the migration, but I’m working on getting that back!

Other magic

I wanted to keep my broken posts stored in the blog’s git repo, but renaming the broken posts to foo.md.broken or moving them to a sub-directory like _broken_posts didn’t stop Jekyll from trying to render them:

 ❯ jekyll serve

Configuration file: /Users/scott/src/scottc.me/_config.yml
            Source: /Users/scott/src/scottc.me
       Destination: /Users/scott/src/scottc.me/_site
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
  Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error (line 26): Unknown tag 'endhighlight' in asdf.md
jekyll 3.8.3 | Error:  Liquid syntax error (line 26): Unknown tag 'endhighlight'


Turns out you can exclude certain directories in your _config.yml:

  - _broken_posts

Now it works. woot!

Update: the broken post is back!